Exclusive NADA Cocktail Party

Thank you for taking a demo of Dealerslink!
As a token of our gratitude, you and a guest are invited to join us for an Exclusive Cocktail Party at the famous Y.O. Steakhouse.

The party will be from 5PM – 7PM, Saturday, January 28th, 2023.

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is located at 702 Ross Ave at Market Street in the historic West End in Dallas, TX.

This metal ticket is your invite to enter, so please bring it with you!

Why Y.O.?

Because of the legend, Western nostalgia and tremendous atmosphere.


The legendary Y.O. Ranch encompasses over 11,200 acres of the Texas Hill Country, and its history spans over 140 years. The story of the Y.O. parallels the history of Texas: Founded in 1880 by a French immigrant turned Texas Ranger, known as Captain Charles Schreiner.

The founding of the Y.O. took place during a time of cattle drives and hard living. Wild herds of longhorn were rounded up in the post-Civil War period and driven up to Dodge City, Kansas, helping the Captain fund his ranching enterprise. 

The Y.O. survived World War I, the Great Depression, severe drought, and was passed down through two generations to Charles the third, known as “Charlie Three”. Three modernized the ranching operations by introducing exotic animal species to the ranch in the 1950s and kick-starting the hunting and tourism operations that made the ranch famous.

The most significant residence on the Y.O. is the place where Charlie Three built his home. His rock residence occupies a perch overlooking a beautiful pasture of exotic game and is an architectural achievement for a ranch home.

The history and tradition of the Y.O. continues today — a story of transformation and diversification, a place that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Our team looks forward to spending a wonderful time together with you and your team at the famous Y.O. Steakhouse, which is owned and supplied by historic Y.O. Ranch.